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  • Morpheus B ... the O.G.

    The O.G.: Either "Old Guy" or "Original Gangster". But musically, definitely "Old School"! Morpheus B combines his 70's jazz/funk/ R&B musical influences with a modern vibe. Smooth, funky, and always pleasing, Morpheus B delivers unique tracks that moves your spirit. Read More
  • Love After Dark

    The first major CD release by Morpheus B. "Love after Dark" is a smooth blend of jazz with R&B, funk, and house undertones. Great music to chill with or create the mood for a special evening! Read More
  • Now Available

    "When Tomorrow Comes" is the long awaited follow-up CD to Morpheus B's successful 2010 release, "Love After Dark". "When Tomorrow Comes" has the smooth jazzy sound you've come to love from Morpheus B, plus an infusion of Neo-Soul. A multi-genre blend of old school and nu-school, "When Tomorrow Comes" is a musical journey to an oasis of the spirit that you'll want to take over and over again! Read More
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